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These thoughts chronicle our ongoing mission to first release.

How do we get there? One day, one try at a time.
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ThoughtSpike’s 2017 in Review

A wizard stands in a temple of fire.

A quick look at all we’ve been up to in the year of surprises.

Work, unlike blog posts, has not ceased. While I juggle my day job, development, and existential horror, Reinan is a wizard who has mastered the “doesn’t sleep” potion recipe so, due mostly to his eldritch efforts, we have accomplished some wonderful things.

Stroll past the roll for a list of what’s online, fully functional and playable, with pictures!

Come on in!
Come on in!

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  1. Design, Build, Test

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  2. Wizard’s Tower Still Breaking Our Brains

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  3. Prototype Underway

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