We’re a two gun team working out of a basement in the middle of nowhere. Our motivation: joy. Our mission: stories that can’t be told any other way. Our tools: two computers, an infinite supply of coffee and a wacom tablet. They’ll never see us coming.




Reinan is a bit of a Code Monkey. Who came up with that term anyway? Really, he’d rather be known as a Code Dragon. Because dragons are awesome!

Over the years, Reinan has written a lot of code. People often paid him to write it. In fact, he had this really fancy job title where he sat at a desk and got paid to write code. Though that suited him for awhile, he has always had a secret desire to make video games. So, when the idea came along that he should quit his nice cushy desk job and just go do it, he said, “That’s crazy!” And, he did it anyway.

So, he got this whole thing organized. Perhaps coffee deserves part of the credit though. And, there may have been other people involved too. You know, the ones who tell him he should drink less coffee. Inconceivable!