Pre-Test Anxieties

It’s playtest weekend! For the tester, this is a chance to explore a new game for a few hours and then talk about it with people who are desperate for their opinions. For devs, this is the test of all our hard work, our crucible, where all our best ideas will be casually bent and broken. The hour is nigh.

What’s changed since the last playtest:

  • An entire new zone of levels
  • Complete rebalance of loot distribution
  • Level loading and unloading logic, which didn’t exist at all before
  • Total rework of enemy AI
  • Countless UI and code improvements
  • Loads more secret areas
  • Very significant changes to the early-game “mechanic-learning” experience

And we did all that with plenty of time to spare, I promise. It probably won’t all burn down.

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October Update


This month we’re working on:

  • Generating more found-story content
  • Encounter balance in the early stages
  • Substantial updates to turret intelligence, including the capacity to defend themselves by targeting incoming spells
  • Ironing out the kinks in a new stage added last month
  • Scheduling playtesters for the end of this sprint, which is scheduled Nov 19

ThoughtSpike’s 2017 in Review


A quick look at all we’ve been up to in the year of surprises.

Work, unlike blog posts, has not ceased. While I juggle my day job, development, and existential horror, Reinan is a wizard who has mastered the “doesn’t sleep” potion recipe so, due mostly to his eldritch efforts, we have accomplished some wonderful things.

Stroll past the roll for a list of what’s online, fully functional and playable, with pictures!

Come on in!
Come on in!

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Wizard’s Tower Still Breaking Our Brains


A month has gone by since we started our new prototype. Reinan had a little break to go visit family over memorial day weekend. I spent the time gaffing for a small but very cool independent film. Now we’re back in, and we’ve chosen to continue prototyping our new platforming mind-bender, working title: Wizard’s Tower. The concept is good, but there are details that need to be attended to before we’re confident it will actually sell.Continue reading

Friction Coefficients for Bullet Physics


Friction is fractious. It’s a bear to work with, but you’ve gotta do it if you want physics to look right. I’ve had to do some annoying busybody work to deduce proper values, so I’m sharing those values and my process to arrive at them in the hopes of saving somebody else some time.

Note: Here we’re discussing the Bullet Physics Engine, not the physics of small gun projectiles.Continue reading