Where There Be Dragons


There have been a few unreported landmarks in the last year – an understatement, but its been an interesting journey and I’ll tell you about some of the milestones we’ve passed since our last update.

We’ve come a long ways, as you might expect in a year of labor – task after task is step after step toward a distant goal. It helps keep my head in the game to think of the process as a quest, a mission, a work of journeying to the promised land.

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Playtesting Mechanics


Playtesting Mechanics: For the first time in a year and a half of work, we’re actually making a game. Everything up to now has been designing, optimizing, and then hiding a universe.

Making Pie: documenting the making of an indie game Pt. 3


Apple Pie. Universe. Continuing series of articles. Obey my dog!

Continuing on the topic of group dynamics.

We are all good friends. We have that going for us. We are a nicely balanced party: Reinan is our wizard, powerful arcane programming and high intelligence. Cullen is our fighter, a paladin who mediates the group and uses his high spacial awareness and stamina for 3D programming all day long. I’m the thief, a bard who uses creativity as his sword, is a jack of all trades, and often disappears to do things unrelated to the primary quest like looting and drawing comics.Continue reading

Making Pie: documenting the making of an indie game Pt. 2


“In order to make an apple pie, you must first invent the universe.” (Misquote of Carl Sagan)

This is a continuing series about all the things that go into making an indie game, from the universe up.

Something I wasn’t expecting to learn when starting this project was management. Three very different people are coming together to try and create a huge project over a long period of time. For a team that is working on a totally digital product, there is a huge amount of squishy, unsettling, distinctly organic work to do.Continue reading