Wizard’s Tower

A panoramic screencap of the work in progress.

The Tower is tall. The Tower is very far away.

The Tower is a disaster, an ill omen, a defense, a lookout, a repository of treasure, or a place you have to go, depending on whether you ask a tarot reader, a strategist, a banker, or some kind of cowboy.

What could be more intriguing to a professional adventurer, to a treasure thief, a tomb raider, a power-hungry-prestige-hunting-spell-slinging Hero, than The Tower?

And if it turns out to have been an ill omen, well, that’s what Heroes are for, right?

A panoramic screencap of the work in progress.
It’s said: there waits hoarded all the magic that’s gone out of the world.

Mind you this is The Tower. Maybe the first and original, or maybe the be all and end all. Many have sought it’s power. Some have returned without their hats, looking puzzled and a somewhat worse for wear. Some haven’t returned at all. Unlocking the tower’s secrets may not be a picnic. It was, after all, built by the Mad Wizard, because of course there’s a Mad Wizard. You were expecting something else?

A picture of a gargoyle monkey on fire.You’ll need your wits about you. The Wizard may have been mad, or maybe genius, but he did succeed in stealing most magic worth having and he didn’t build the tower because he wanted company. As you climb level by level you’ll need to learn to use every bit bit of magic you can learn, and all of your cunning and skill.

A photo of the tower gates.Solve puzzles! Explore! Jump over things! Jump through things! Jump off of things!

Learn powerful spells! Find fancy hats!

At least three dimensions!

Exclamation points!!

Just don’t bother the monkeys. They’ve been known to throw things.

Genre: 3D Puzzle Platformer
Begun: 24 April, 2015.
Development: Active.
Projected Release Date: Spring 2019.
Engine: Unreal Engine 4.
Platform: PC.