With the untimely demise of your father you have come into rulership of an ancient and dark castle. You are haunted by nightmares and isolation until reality fades away and you find yourself in a world which may or may not be real, where whispers are all that exist of other people and the darkness itself is trying to devour you. Your only defense is a strange lantern that came with you. Find out what is happening and free yourself, or die here…


Explore frightening and beautiful environments, interact with deep characters, and enjoy a lovingly crafted story with meaningful choices.

Early concept sketch

We at Thought Spike are driven by the desire to see rich, nuanced environments and strong story-oriented game-play. This means emotionally complex plots driven by player decisions. It means choice.

In our concept game, Alone, you will play as Hue of Darkholm castle, whose experiments with the occult have awakened something strange, and trapped her in an otherworld parallel to her own, where her fears and feelings take on tangible shape – a deeper darkness always at the edge of sight, always hunting her.

Wielding a mystic lantern, Hue will explore Darkholm castle, and through it, her past, her connections with her family and friends, the annals of her heart and mind, to uncover the secret of the dark power that consumes her home, and hungers for her soul.

Genre: Action Adventure.
Begun: 26 September, 2012
Development: Back-burner.
Projected Release Date: Ellipsis.
Engine: In-house engine, using implementations of Ogre & Bullet
Platform: PC.