How to be an ironic indy game developer

I’m not sure weather it’s funny or sad, but since we’ve started getting busier with the game, I’ve played almost no video games. Between learning photoshop, how to draw, how to set up a small business, how a website works, and making children’s stories and graphic novels (some day I’ll upload some of them or at least a link), along with the necessities of life like sticking food in my face hole at least two times a day, there’s been precious little time and energy for the medium that has inspired this endeavor.

I’ve got a few games that I’m slowly working through, but the problem is some of them, most notably Mass Effect (the first one), are a bit like a good book, in that if you have to leave for a while, you can forget where you are and what’s going on, and making reasonable decisions becomes more difficult

“Sir, what should we do with him?”

“ah, whatever, let him go.”

“But sir, he just killed your entire family!”

“What?! Oh. I forgot about that. I guess, kill him?”

“But the fate of the universe depends on information he has!”

“Damnit man, just tell me what to do already!”


Thank god for super meat boy and its bit-sized morsels of game-play.

I think this is one of the things you have to expect when deciding to create something as massive as a video game. All those hours spent playing video games must be siphoned into the act of creation if you want progress.

Most of my “video game time” these days is just me booting up steam, looking through the new releases, looking at a few trailers that seem interesting, and then closing it down again. Like a kid licking the glass window of a candy shop.

I’m content with this lot though. As fun as playing video games is, I find the act of creation even more enjoyable. the satisfaction of sitting down and molding story and world and beauty from the primal void of space and time, and then getting to step back and go, “holy shit, I just made that.” is satisfying in a way I imagine mothers feel as they gaze at there placenta speckled offspring right after birth.

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  1. You guys are awesome. All The best with your endeavor. Hey isn’t that the name of a Federation warship? The Endeavour? Captain Cook who discovered the land of Oz!

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