A Grand Return and Offensive

A screenshot of our test environment from 06/2013

After a nominal 3 month hiatus as I taught some courses at Uni, we’ve finally gotten to dig our teeth in over the summer. Reinan, of course, has never stopped working and it shows:

A screenshot of our test environment from 06/2013

We’ve now got a working physics integration and enemy AI. We’ve also got a volumetric lighting branch that’s very exciting, but sadly, it still renders at frame-rates with the speed and efficacy of the French heavy horse at Agincourt. In this analogy, Henry and his army are inefficiency gremlins, bravely invading our graphical pipeline with the goal of pressing their claim to the CPU crown and marrying our princess. I guess. Somebody draw that.

Now we’re working on gameplay mechanics, and we’ve stumbled, somewhat by accident, on an incredibly versatile and powerful tool. We’ve been giggling for a week, playing our own game, punctuated by bouts of maniacal laughter.

So much for the fun part. The rest is just building stuff, implementing things, and telling a story. Wait, that part’s fun too.

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