Wizard’s Tower Still Breaking Our Brains

A month has gone by since we started our new prototype. Reinan had a little break to go visit family over memorial day weekend. I spent the time gaffing for a small but very cool independent film. Now we’re back in, and we’ve chosen to continue prototyping our new platforming mind-bender, working title: Wizard’s Tower. The concept is good, but there are details that need to be attended to before we’re confident it will actually sell.

ScreenShot00005In this early phase, we spend our days working out game mechanics and roughing them into the engine. Then we test them to see what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed. We expect we’ll be at this for a while before we’re happy, or until we come to the decision the prototype should be shelved for a new one. The thing about prototypes is not all of them work. That’s why you have to; you have to pick up the slack. Every idea that doesn’t work, you make two new ones. You’ve got to stay focused. Fortunately, we have a help there:

“There are too many distractions in life, but for everything else, there’s coffee.” -Reinan, aka The Blue Wizard.

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