Fine Portraiture

Artistic recreation of conversation between me and our lead (-also secondary, assistant, substitute, and only-) programmer:

Reinan (programmer): We need to have avatars from you before we launch the website.

Me (artist): (Thinking to Myself) I can’t imagine how that is necessary for launch.

Reinan: You lazy hippy, just do it. (echo-y voice) You cannot begin to comprehend the forces at work here. HTML, search optimization, fractal time displacement

Me: aaaaah, get out of my mind, get out of my miiiiiiind!

Reinan: oh, sorry. I forgot people don’t like that.

Me: (actual words) ok.

Time passes

Me: Everybody pick an avatar. Here you go Reinan:


Reinan Avatar stern

Reinan: cool! But, umm, could you make it a bit less…angry?

Me: It looks to angry? ok…

More time passes

Me: aha! Fix’d:

Super happy Reinan Avatar


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