Blender-Ogre scaling issue solved

Exporting from Blender to Ogre has been an issue that’s dogged us for weeks. We’ve cracked it, and feel a little stupid.

Well okay, we spent most of that time on other problems, but it’s been nagging away in the background. It turns out, Reinan and I knocked it out in an hour.

Our problem was our exported models were coming into Ogre without any scale. We could scale them up in the engine, but it would mess up the normals. We spent some time scratching our heads on this subject, before we discovered it was as simple as matching values between the programs and then applying any scaling done in blender object mode (ctrl A, or Object menu – apply – scale). Worked like a charm.

Now to figure out why all my models have big holes in them, and why all my materials are imported as bright red.

On the list of things we knew we needed to know, check off one thing, add two more!

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