Making Pie: documenting the making of an indie game Pt. 3


Apple Pie. Universe. Continuing series of articles. Obey my dog!

Continuing on the topic of group dynamics.

We are all good friends. We have that going for us. We are a nicely balanced party: Reinan is our wizard, powerful arcane programming and high intelligence. Cullen is our fighter, a paladin who mediates the group and uses his high spacial awareness and stamina for 3D programming all day long. I’m the thief, a bard who uses creativity as his sword, is a jack of all trades, and often disappears to do things unrelated to the primary quest like looting and drawing comics.Continue reading

Making Pie: documenting the making of an indie game Pt. 2


“In order to make an apple pie, you must first invent the universe.” (Misquote of Carl Sagan)

This is a continuing series about all the things that go into making an indie game, from the universe up.

Something I wasn’t expecting to learn when starting this project was management. Three very different people are coming together to try and create a huge project over a long period of time. For a team that is working on a totally digital product, there is a huge amount of squishy, unsettling, distinctly organic work to do.Continue reading

How to be an ironic indy game developer


I’m not sure weather it’s funny or sad, but since we’ve started getting busier with the game, I’ve played almost no video games. Between learning photoshop, how to draw, how to set up a small business, how a website works, and making children’s stories and graphic novels (some day I’ll upload some of them or at least a link), along with the necessities of life like sticking food in my face hole at least two times a day, there’s been precious little time and energy for the medium that has inspired this endeavor.

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