Have some Pi

Happy Pi Day! In celebration I thought I’d share some Pi with everyone.


Ok, that’s probably not the Pi everyone was expecting, but trust me, there is a LOT of Pi going on in there. It’s a screen capture from our game engine showing various debugging data like physics interactions, lighting zones, and graphics wireframes.

Do you remember when your teacher told you to pay attention in math class because you would need to know stuff like trigonometry some day? I certainly do. And while I did pay attention (mostly) and was pretty good at math, at the time I would have never guessed how much math I would have to use every single day.

So, here’s to you math teachers. I get it now, thank you. I may have forgotten many of the details but I am certain that I was able to hone my skills more easily thanks to the solid foundations I learned in school. Next time, could you just say that making video games requires a lot of math? That would have gotten me to pay attention. Maybe. Then again, I was very easily distracted in those days…

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