You’re Welcome

Every now and then I find a song that burrows into my head like an alien mind grub and takes over. But… in a good way. Ok, don’t picture that.

Anyways, there are other songs that I like as much, but none that I like more.

No need to thank me. That little grub burrowing into your cortex is all the thanks I need 😉

This song is a great example of finding art that matches my aesthetic. Often I don’t know what kind of things I like until I see or hear them. Once I have examples, I can analyze them and figure out what specifically is being done that I like so much.

For example, here’s a picture that has a composition I like. The dynamic, slightly exaggerated perspective, the thick brush strokes, simple tonality, the interesting poses and facial expressions. It’s over the top to the point of being a bit silly, but also awesome. It makes me want to play more with brush and ink, and work on my perspective and figure drawing more.

I am occasionally saddened by all the cool drawings I have in my head that I can’t get into the real world because of limited skill. The best way to get better is to do these drawings that are beyond what I think my skill is, and in struggling with them, grow quickly. Failure is the best teacher, if you’re willing to learn from him.

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