Making Pie: documenting the making of an indie game Pt. 1

I thought I would pick up where Cullen left off in his post Film Making Crossover pt. 1

Except now it’s from my point of view. A friend just reminded me that what me and my friends doing is huge and awesome and we would be sorry if we didn’t properly document it. This is true. So, documenting:

The reason for the tile of this post is also the link between my post and Ku’s (that is what I call Cullen.) The more I get into making this game, the bigger the scope of the project becomes. We are not simply working on a group assignment for school. We are not even simply working on a project for a job. We have set out to make an apple pie and realized, that in order to make an apple pie, we must first create the universe.

Ku meant it in terms of creating a game universe. I mean it in terms of this universe. We are not just making a game. We cannot afford to just make a game. Literally, we need money to finish this game. Maybe kickstarter, maybe investments, and already what savings we have kicked in, knowing it will not get us all the way to the end. So we are trying to figure out how to fund this through completion without giving up our creative authority.

We’re a company. That is, a group of people, working on something. The easiest part of that is the convoluted paperwork that took us weeks, possibly months (I don’t remember exactly, the memories are blurred and nightmarish) of slogging through legal documents and reading passages such as, “If a Member unexpectedly receives an adjustment, allocation, or distribution described in sections 1.704 I(b)(2)(ii)(d)(4), (5), or (6) of the Treasury regulations (“Regulations”) that creates or increases a deficit in the…” That sentence goes on. That sentence is literally an entire paragraph.

Anyways, that is the easy part. We will likely not have to look at that again unless we somehow become super successful and are hiring people and have stock options and personal riding dragons, and somebody’s riding dragon gets an unexpected adjustment and tries to sue us.

This article has begun to take on essay proportions so I’m going to be splitting it up. And really, I think this is a good title for my ongoing updates, so maybe I’ll keep it.

-Isaac Out

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