Playtesting Mechanics


Playtesting Mechanics: For the first time in a year and a half of work, we’re actually making a game. Everything up to now has been designing, optimizing, and then hiding a universe.

Little Victories


Normal mapping a floor texture: It seemed simple. It turned out, it was simple. I learned how, and then I did it. How do I feel about that? I AM A CREATIVE GOD.

New Website!


Reinan continues to work on the website and the engine. You can read that as: code maniacally, drink coffee, carry on comment conversations with himself, drink coffee, update us five times a day with new versions of slidy bars to test website features, drink coffee, and presumably fall asleep each morning weeping coffee stained tears into his keyboard. I don’t understand his html encoded speech, but I know what genius looks like when it pauses mid-mad-jabber, deliberates for a minute or two, and then says very carefully: “That may be more difficult then you think it is, but yes, we can do it.”

Either way, I think our new website is a slick, sexy beast. Am I right?

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