New Website!


Reinan continues to work on the website and the engine. You can read that as: code maniacally, drink coffee, carry on comment conversations with himself, drink coffee, update us five times a day with new versions of slidy bars to test website features, drink coffee, and presumably fall asleep each morning weeping coffee stained tears into his keyboard. I don’t understand his html encoded speech, but I know what genius looks like when it pauses mid-mad-jabber, deliberates for a minute or two, and then says very carefully: “That may be more difficult then you think it is, but yes, we can do it.”

Either way, I think our new website is a slick, sexy beast. Am I right?

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How to be an ironic indy game developer


I’m not sure weather it’s funny or sad, but since we’ve started getting busier with the game, I’ve played almost no video games. Between learning photoshop, how to draw, how to set up a small business, how a website works, and making children’s stories and graphic novels (some day I’ll upload some of them or at least a link), along with the necessities of life like sticking food in my face hole at least two times a day, there’s been precious little time and energy for the medium that has inspired this endeavor.

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